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The Greek Islands & Venice 2020

Available Cabins

Balcony Classic (BC)

Max Guests::
Max Kids::

Balcony Cabins

Face to face with the sea: a room with a balcony overlooking the sea allows us to experience the warm wind in our hair and the sweet scent of the ocean. All the comfort of a Costa cabin with your balcony overlooking the sea. A real treat.

Ocean View Cabin (EC)

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Ocean View Cabins

A window between sky and sea: the Costa Ocean View cabins give you more direct contact with the colors of your vacation. Being able to see the sea, enjoy the sunsets and sunrises is what will make your cruise even more romantic.

Inside Cabin (IC)

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Inside Cabins

A cozy nest: you will feel the comfort and Costa hospitality first hand with this type of cabin. Suitable for those who want to spend a little less for the cruise, but who still don’t want to miss out on anything, or for whom the cabin is just used to sleep in and to change clothes, because they prefer to live 360° on the ship.


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Cruise Itinerary

Day Ports of Call Arrival Departure
1 Venice (Italy) 17:00
2 Bari (Italy) 14:00 20:00
3 Corfu (Greece) 09:00 15:00
4 Santorini (Greece) 12:30 20:30
5 Mykonos (Greece) 06:30 17:00
6 Pleasures at sea - -
7 Dubrovnik 07:00 13:00
8 Venice (Italy) 08:00

Italy, Greek Islands & Croatia

When is the best time for a cruise in the eastern Mediterranean ? During the summer months, to enjoy the long sunny days.
A meeting point of three continents and innumerable peoples, the Eastern Mediterranean has been one of the most important historical hubs of humanity. Its shores saw the development of the Hellenistic civilization that gave birth to Western culture. Its islands and coves have been the scene of crucial events, but also the ideal cradle of legends and myths.

Where to start ? To visit everything, our cruise could take years, like Ulysses’ trip. To know the fabric of history and legends characterizing the Eastern Mediterranean and appreciate at the same time the incomparable beauty of the landscape, we chose a route with these cities: from Venice, Bari, Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos, Dubrovnik and Venice.

We invite you to sail around the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean with the azure sky as your backdrop, aboard The Delicioza. The sunshine, mild climate and beauty of the landscapes are undoubtedly the source of this region’s reputation as the world’s leading holiday destination.

Policies of The Greek Islands & Venice 2020

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Amenities of The Greek Islands & Venice 2020

  • Casino
  • Cinéma 4D
  • Coffee
  • Fitness Room
  • Handicap access
  • Mini-club
  • Shopping
  • Smoking Area
  • Star Laser
  • Swimming pool & hot tub
  • Teens Club
  • Theater
  • Video game
  • WI-FI

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Food and Dinning on Ship


Seating Times:
7:00 T0 9:30

Breakfast Menu  Buffet Assorted bred Assorted miniature cakes and Croissants Marmalade, butter , chocolate cream Salad Bar choice of hard and soft cheese choice off few hot dishes (omelettes and vegetable) smoked or marinade fish (salomon, tuna …) Home style potatoes Fresh fruit salad plain & fruity Yogurt cereals hot & cold milk fruits juices


Seating Times:
FROM 12:00 TO 13:00

 Buffet Assorted bred Salad Bar composed salad choice fish or chicken salad choice mains courses , fish, poultry , beef , lamb veal, burger ,  … choice of hot vegetarian pasta (always different sauce end kind) French fries Fresh fruit salad desert fruits

Tea Time

Seating Times:
15:30 TO 16:30

 Buffet Assorted cake Assorted mini sandwich Fresh fruit salad Fresh fruit salad desert coffee & The


Seating Times:

   Menu  Aappetizer  2 or 3 choice of appetizer Soupe 1 or 2  kind different soups or kind of vegetarian cream Italian Pasta  2 kind of pasta Mains courses (Choice) Meat (beef , veal , lamb poultry (chicken , turkey Duck ) fish Salad fresh vegetarian composed salad Deserts 1 or 2 kind of pastry

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