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Are you ready now to live this culinary experience ?
In the morning, you will have the choice between a Continental or British breakfast…



David Cruise offers you to share our beautiful meals of Shabbat, in an atmosphere of Simha ve Oneg !
Shabbat meals are prepared…



A comfortable room will be reserved to be our synagogue throughout the cruise. A Sefer Thora will be on board  on weekdays and Shabbat…



For the kosher department, David Cruise calls on Rav Chlomo Ifrah, graduated by Rav Bernfeld zal from Houg Hatam Sofer of Bne Braq…

Live the Magic of the Oceans !!

David Cruise invites you to discover emblematic destinations while boarding Costa Cruise ships. With a capacity of 3000 to 6000 passengers, Costa ships help to preserve your privacy and give you the feeling of freedom. The cruise has become a real art of living accessible to all. An atmosphere of casual elegance, dear to our passengers, awaits you on board.

David Cruise cruises combine cultural discoveries with relaxing cruises. We offer destinations to suit all desires elsewhere. A nature getaway in Northern Europe, a discovery trip to South America, an idyllic cruise to the hearts of the Caribbean or a refined adventure on the shores of the Mediterranean or the Adriatic …

 David Cruise, a UNIQUE Jewish Travel Experience.

Only the cruise offers you the opportunity to discover as many countries, cities every day in such a short time, feet under the table ! Every morning you will wake up with a new landscape and an fabulous escape program.

Sailing aboard these ships with David Cruise means living moments of exception close to nature, in the heart of pristine places and sites combining dreams and authenticity. Discover the world, sharing moments while maintaining your Jewish life.

Live this incredible sensation of feeling G. in the middle of the sea, in front of this stretch of water.

Come and contemplate the Divine Creation…

Welcome to the David Cruise, Premium Kosher Cruise.

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